The Marriage of Figaro Designs

Here are my designs for a 1950s meets 1780s version of Figaro. The story is quite absurd and I became inspired by surrealist art and of course my favorite designer Schiaparelli. Note the lobster, eyeballs, bugs and tear drops hidden throughout.


Figaro research.

Check out this incredible taffeta '50s dress. It's from the Esty store Adore Vintage and I stumbled upon it during a power-hour google image search. It's perfect for my show as it blends the 1950s and the 18th century perfectly.

A few other research images that I'm drawing a lot of inspiration from at the moment:


Thumbnails from working on designs for The Marriage of Figaro. The final design is going to be a mix between the 1950s and the 1780s. Fun Times.


Rome: Season 2, Episode 8

This has been an extremely productive school year and I'm just catching up with my posts. Here are my designs for an episode of Rome where Caesar goes to Egypt and meets Cleopatra.

This project is all about establishing two different ancient worlds. The Romans are in reds, browns and golds with large draped garments. Egypt during this time period is predominantly in white draped tunics, however I wanted to emphasize their extreme wealth by adding a lot of gold tones and jewelery. And of course it's all about Cleopatra. Even when she's naked she needs to exude strength.



I was watching Modern Family, my second favorite show (after Downton Abbey, naturally), and the show Suburgatory started automatically afterwards. Naturally curiosity got me watching.

Has anyone else seen or heard if the show? It's pretty cute and the costumes, by Mynka Draper are really fun. Granted I've only seen one episode but check out the these lovely croquet ensembles.

And yes, that is Elton from Clueless! I wonder if he ever found that Cranberries CD he lost back in 1996...