Holmes for the Home

More decorating underway. For my front door peep hole I made a Sherlock Holmes silhouette to look through. Everything is so white in the apartment and the front door is pretty wide so it definitely needed a little something to break it up. Plus, when you look through the peep hole you are essentially inspecting to see who is at the door. I felt Sherlock was appropriate for such an action.



All of my boxes from NYC have finally arrived and I have finally been able to set up my new sewing station. Have a good look because it won't be this clean again until next summer!


Royal Tenenbaums

Just moved to LA last week and decorating like a fiend! I cross stitched a row of Royal Tenenbaum characters last fall. It's been sitting hidden in a box since then because I was planning on giving it as a gift, then I forgot about it and then I had to pack everything up to move to LA.  Now I'm proud to say it's in the place of honor in my living room. I'm so glad I ended up keeping this piece. It's one of my favorites.