Finally getting around to posting my designs for a modern day Parisian Tartuffe that I finished a couple of weeks ago. I had too much fun casting the show then figuring out body types and what these actors would bring to the costumes and their character.

From left to right I give you:
Robert Pattinson and Valere, Carey Mulligan as Mariane, Ed Westwick (or rather Chuck Bass) as Damis, Marisa Tomei as Dorine, Maggie Smith as Madame Pernelle, Geoffrey Rush as Tartuffe, Stephen Fry as Orgon, Marion Cotillard as Elmire, Jude Law as Cleante, and Jean Reno as Monsieur Loyal.

These were my first costume renderings since last school year and was a tad rusty with my drawing and Photoshopping. It's crazy how quickly you forget techniques when you don't apply them for months. It took me longer than usual to finish these but I'm so happy with how they turned out!