Sandy Powell: Young Victoria

So jealous! Jessica Schroeder at What I Wore has an interview with the incredible Sandy Powell about her costume designs for Young Victoria. Talk about an absolutely gorgeous movie! Here are two of Powell's beautiful sketches. The interview and bigger versions of these sketches are on the What I Wore website. What wouldn't I give to get a chance to meet Powell -- did I mention that I was jealous?

Images via What I Wore

Oh, and to see the rest of her beautiful renderings, and her talking a bit more about individual pieces, check out the Young Victoria website.


Trip to the MET

Back when I lived in NYC once a month I would make a trip to the MET to walk through and do some drawing (several guards probably remember me due to some confusion over moving a bench *grin*). I was back in the city for New Years and did some more drawings for class. In my History of Dress class, one of our projects is to draw from paintings through the years so I decided to get a head start. These are a few of my favorites and a few quickie sketches.