Summer Project

School's out and my completely non-costume related project is about to begin: decorating my new apartment! Right now I'm super excited about weeks of reupholstering, creating sewing nooks and most importantly Ikea trips.



 Woohoo! Zombie finals! Want to look like a frozen zombie? Here's what you need:
  • Water-based make-up palette
  • Cotton batting
  • Gelatin
  • Fake snow crystals
  • Epsom Salt
  • KY Jelly
All of the coloring is just face paint. The growths are the cotton batting dipped in warm liquid gelatin with paint and snow crystals or Epsom salt on top. The KY jelly is for the hair and for a glistening effect.

The costume consists of items I found at a thrift shop that are ripped and distressed. Epsom salt and sugar are applied with Elmer glue and corn syrup. It is gross, sticky and uncomfortable but it was easy to apply and only had to last for a couple hours.

I know what I'm doing for Halloween!


Break Your Heart

Western Costume is a big costume rental place here in LA. They rent to all the movies studios, independent films, theatre designers, etc. Well, a couple of weeks ago they had a huge sale so naturally I was there at 8am to participate. While I got some great things for ridiculously cheap I saw the above dress. It didn't fit me so I put it down.

It turns out it was Betty Draper's dress from Mad Men! I'm re-watching season 1 and noticed it.
Why didn't I hold onto the dress?!?! I could never fit into it, but I still could have held it up to me and pretended I was a discontent housewife with a misogynistic husband. Blerg!