Week 1

Disclaimer: I would love to post all about how great the show is going to be and dish about the ins and outs of the costume department, but instead I probably won't be posting about what I'm doing for the show. Seeing as this is online and public, I don't want to accidentally write something (no matter how insignificant it seems) here that ends up giving something away about the show or violate some privacy act.

With all that out of the way, I want all of Betty's shoes and Amanda's wardrobe, not that either would fit me (believe me, I've checked *grin*). I've spent the last year and a half working at Bloomingdale's, which requires all black clothing, so maybe you can understand how I could sit and stare at the wracks of clothes all day. And everyone I've met so far in the crew & cast are so friendly and just pleasant to be around. I really couldn't be happier about the next month.


ooh la la

I stumbled upon a new thrift shop today and I'm so glad I went in. Check out my new vintage hairdryer in it's original carrier case. I was surprised how good condition it was in. And it actually works! To top it all off, I only paid $2.00 for it. I'm moving cross country in September and I probably shouldn't have gotten it, but it was too good of a find to pass up!


Ugly Bettyness


Yay! Tomorrow I start working for Ugly Betty! I’ll be interning in the costume department. And since I just moved from my East Village pad to Astoria, it couldn't be more perfect because I am now only a few subway stops away from Silvercup Studios where I’ll be spending my days.
I’m ridiculously excited. The costumes on Ugly Betty are totally outrageous and colorful (just the way I like it). It’s straight up Camp, and I looove it!!


Harry Potter!

{Image via SnapeCast.com}

Finally got to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on Sunday. I held out until then in order to see it in IMAX 3-D because I'm a wee bit obsessed with the Harry Potter series. I just loved Luna Lovegood's tinsely tiered dress for Slughorn's party and she her amazing Gryffindor headgear.

All props for fantastic costumes go to Jany Temime, a costume designer who mixes textures like no other.

{Images via Mugglenet.com}


Buttoned Up

Soooo excited about Coraline coming to DVD next week. I was up half of the night on the movie's website playing with "Mother's Workshop" were you can put buttons on people's eyes in portraits. I knew there was a reason we took so many photos at Lori's bd party!

Now that I have a collection of them, when I move to L.A. in September I plan on creating a collage in my apartment. Hope my new roommate won't mind...



Ryan, Brannon, Craig, Lori & Me
Astoria, 2009

Photos from our night out on the town.
Lori,  Me & Brannon


Finger Waves

It was my friend Lori’s 26th birthday this weekend and she decided to have it at our favorite bar Dutch Kills, a speakeasy. So naturally, me being a costumer and she being a historian, we simply had to dress for the occasion!

To go with my outfit I went all out and attempted finger waves. Well, faux finger waves. I don’t have enough coordination to master the real hairstyle so I decided to do it my own way. Well, the “easy” way still took 3 hours and nearly a pound of hair gel.



En Pointe

Images via NYMag.com
Why, why, why didn't I go to the ballet when I had the chance?!?! I really am going to regret never seeing an American Ballet Theatre performance now that I'm moving to California in September. A reminder came to me today is this behind the scenes look of the ballet’s costume department in New York Magazine.

Of course UCLA has quite an impressive dying room, which is one of the many reasons why I can’t wait to start my M.F.A. program in the fall...gotta focus on the good

Emily, you’re going to drool over the American Ballet Theatre’s image gallery


City Folk

What I love most about New York is people watching. There are so many interesting people out and about that it's impossible not to be inspired by what they wear. Whenever I see someone who is rocking a particular look it sticks in my head all day long and I have to draw it out to. Here are a couple of my drawing of some fantastically put together people.