New Year's Wish

Oh to be laméd in gold for New Year's Eve. Sadly my budget does not allow for this lovely Kate Spade dress and shoes so instead I'll be working a lovely plum velvet shift dress instead. Can wait to start teasing out my hair!


Renegade Crafting

After a tough quarter a few of us costume design & scenic design students did some xmas shopping! Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas with a little silliness thrown in!!

P.S, Front and center is the fabulous Kaitlyn from the Hyper Manikin. You should check out her site.


Murder in the Corridor

For my figure drawing class I made a murder mystery scene (just in time for the holidays!). I exaggerated poses from models in class to create these suspicious characters. I'm a huge Edward Gorey fan and I wanted to try out a project using only ink, with washes and quills. When I get a moment I'll post some detail shots.



Finally getting around to posting my designs for a modern day Parisian Tartuffe that I finished a couple of weeks ago. I had too much fun casting the show then figuring out body types and what these actors would bring to the costumes and their character.

From left to right I give you:
Robert Pattinson and Valere, Carey Mulligan as Mariane, Ed Westwick (or rather Chuck Bass) as Damis, Marisa Tomei as Dorine, Maggie Smith as Madame Pernelle, Geoffrey Rush as Tartuffe, Stephen Fry as Orgon, Marion Cotillard as Elmire, Jude Law as Cleante, and Jean Reno as Monsieur Loyal.

These were my first costume renderings since last school year and was a tad rusty with my drawing and Photoshopping. It's crazy how quickly you forget techniques when you don't apply them for months. It took me longer than usual to finish these but I'm so happy with how they turned out!


Here's a sneak peek of my octopi print fabric I'm working on for my textile class. Can't wait to see how it turns out!


Figure Drawing

It's my fourth week in figure drawing class so I thought I'd post some of my sketches. It's such a great way to start a Saturday (after convincing myself to actually wake up and go to a weekend class of course). It's so nice to blast some Ke$ha on my ipod and clear my head from the work week. Plus there's this sense of accomplishment about being productive so early in the day.

{Drawings by Hannah Greene}


The Black Swan

Oh man, I'm ridiculously excited to see this film! Ballet dancers going crazy while wearing gorgeous costumes? I know where I'll be December 1st.

I've only seen the trailer but there's a play on dark/light, black/white happening with the design that I'm digging. I'm also quite a sucker for feathers. Oh and check those crazy eyes on Natalie Portman!

 The costume designer for the film is Amy Wescott, who also designed The Wrestler. But the ballet costumes apparently are by Rodarte, which really is a perfect match. Their Spring 2010 was truly incredible and they're design aesthetic sounds perfect for this film.

{Images via Fashionologie.com }

Of course, whenever I think of swans,  I always think of Alexander McQueen......... and naturally Björk. ;)

 {Images via Style.com }


My New Gig

Here's proof of me at my new job! I started working in wardrobe for the Dr. Phil show and so far I'm loving it. Ever since I was little I always dreamed of working at a studio lot, walking past sound stages full of different projects and eating at the cafeteria. Now I can finally cross that off my list because I get to go into work at Paramount Studios with the Hollywood sign visible in the distance. Yup. I feel pretty damn lucky.


Project 4 8 15 16 23 42

{Hanging with Hurley}
This weekend there was a huuuge Lost auction featuring sets, costume props and basically every kind of memorabilia you could possibly imagine. Well dudes, sometimes geek dreams come true 'cause I was on wardrobe crew and got to dress mannequins and set up the costume display! Believe me, there were some intense discussions about what characters should go together and where Ben's costumes should be displayed.

On top of costumes, I jumped at the chance to help out with props and got to man-handle so much amazing stuff. Working this event got me all excited to watch the final season in a major one day marathon. I was in my first year of grad school when it was on TV, and let me tell ya, UCLA did not allot any time to watch Lost. Crazy right!?!

I got a swanky Dharma crew badge and everything!

Costumes for Sayid, Kate and Locke. All aged beautifully. Not sure if the sweat stains are manufactured or real.....I'm really hoping they were the manufactured kind.......

Costumes for Sawyer, Richard Alpert, Daniel Faraday and Frank

Costumes for Ben, Jack & Juliet. Jumpsuits for Jack and Sawyer. Jack's doctor's coat. Dr. Pierre Chang's lab gear.

On a side note, I ran into Michael Emerson who plays Ben Linus on the street a couple of years ago. Just seeing him scared the crap out of me! He is one scary dude.

 Note that they gave Charlie the "sassy" mannequin.

 Charlie had the best stuff!!

We also had to dress the corpse from season one, Roger, and lay him next to the Dharma van in the exact position as it appeared in the episode.

I plan on adding "Skeleton Dresser" to my resume...

Some Dharma supplies



Anne Shirley

Watched Anne of Avonlea for the millionth and first time the other night. This sketch isn't necessarily Anne, just something I was doing while watching the film. I've been doing a lot of that a lot lately to provide a theme for my daily drawings.

Ever since I can remember I've been watching Anne of Avonlea, along with Anne of Green Gables, and reading the books. Like every other lover of the story, I always wanted to be Anne Shirley. I blame her for the years of dying my hair red in high school and college. Not to mention I will forever verbally spell out the word "chrysanthemum" in a tone reeking of condescending undercurrents.

What you don't really notice about these made-for-TV movies is how timeless the hair and costumes are.  Mind you, these were made back in the 80s. But aside from a little excessive hair frizziness, you would have no idea. Growing up I never really noticed the costumes, by Martha Mann. They're so perfect and subtle that I just assumed that the characters just magically appeared wearing these clothes. Becoming a costume designer has given me a new found appreciation for these films - and a perfect excuse for a Green Gable marathon!


{Images via FanPop.com }

♥ Scootin' ♥

{Gregory Peck, by Hannah, Ink & Watercolor }
Meet my scooter Gigi. I got her back in November and have become obsessed. You'd think I'd be scared to death to ride a scooter around LA, but the first day I drove it off the lot my first thought wasn't "Oh dear God, I'm going to die." Instead all I could think was, "Why in the world isn't everyone driving one because this is amazing!?!" I am so so so so glad I bought Gigi and if anyone has any scooter related questions I would be happy to answer them!
Since scooting requires an outfit, here's some sassy riding gear I'm dreaming of.
{Jacket: Good Sea-ing You Jacket via ModCloth.com, Gloves: Asos.com, Booties: Prime Pairing Booties via Anthropologie.com }
{Booties: Athenaeum Wedges via Anthropologie.com,  Gloves: Asos.com, Blazer: Swallow Print Boyfriend Blazer, TopShop.com }

♥ Glamour Shot ♥


Pay No Attenion to The Man Behind The Curtain!

No big deal, just an average day at work. You know, made some copies, rehung a bunch of costumes, got to touch a pair of Dorothy's ruby slippers!!!

There were a few pairs of slippers used in The Wizard of Oz designed by Adrian. Most are in museums but Western Costumes (the costume company that actually made the shoes) happens to have a pair. Since I'm working there this summer I got to hold them and get a closer look.

They are super tiny and oh so sparkly. The "rubies" are really large sequins and are arranged in curved rows that accentuate the light reflection. The little red bows are raised by felt and decorated with faux gems and tubular beads. The insides of the shoes are bright yellow leather and have a Western Costume tag with Judy Garland's name on it. Oh, and to top it off they're stored in a blue gingham shoe box!

And yes, I totally geeked out when I saw them. Growing up with the movie I feel like it's an extension of who I am. While so many of my friends are huge Alice in Wonderland fans, I will always prefer Oz. Dorothy could take Alice any day. Nuff said ;)


Pete & Trudy

A few days ago I did some drawing for the first time this summer and was horrified at how rusty I was. So I've decided to draw something every day for the rest of the summer. Since I'm a wee bit obsessed with Mad Men I thought I'd do a sketch of one of my favorite scenes: Pete and Trudy doing the Charleston.
{"The Campbells" by Hannah. Ink and Watercolor }
Pete and Trudy Campbell are the best couple on Mad Men and I love them so! Pete's a whiny little worm but an entertaining one. And Trudy is just awesome. She's polished, a little shrill but so supportive of Pete. Together they are perfect. And even if you hate them you have to admit they are an unstoppable dance team!

{Video via YouTube.com }

**Costume Note:
How festive do these two look at the company Christmas party? You just know Trudy was Bergdorf's and couldn't resist picking out Pete's sassy maroon double-breasted jacket and forcing him to wear it!
{Image via AMCtv.com Season 4 photo gallery }