A Seafaring Twelfth Night

Pirates, cross-dressing and pumpkin breeches, oh my!

This is Shakespeare's Twelfth Night is set on a seaport filled with landlubbers and salty sea folk who get washed away with love.


Fatigue is good fo you

Last night I cranked out a pile of roughs for Twelfth Night and these are the last ones I did around 3am. I'm impressed with myself 'cause my rarely turn out this good! Who knew that being prepared, getting rest and finishing sketches in a timely manner is useless? Apparently my formula for drawing well is to get no sleep, have a lot of stressful situations come at you all at once and drink your weight in coffee. That's it, I'm only allowed to draw after 12am from now on!

These are roughs of my salty sailors that help Viola to shore. They've just been shipwrecked to they're looking a little worse for the wear with seaweed hanging off them and little creatures like mollusks and starfish attached to their clothes. Like Viola, they have to make their way in a strange land so they get jobs as musicians to Orisino and Olivia. While they are in the background they still are there to keep an eye on Viola while she's masquerading as a man.