Goodbye New York

It's an emotional day for me. Right now I'm sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to LA. I'm excited to start my MFA program at UCLA and I know it's where I need to be if I want to design costumes for film. I keep repeating this in my head, reminding myself because I just know I'm really going to miss New York so much.
Yesterday I walked all over the city, finally went inside Tiffany & Co. (something I've been meaning to do for years but didn't want to be touristy) and just visited all of my favorite places. Last night my friends took me out to Marie's Crisis and sang our hearts out to show tunes. Afterward I did some more walking in the dark taking in all the skyscrapers before heading home to pack. 
Goodbye NYC. I'll be back...eventually (hopefully sooner than later).


Hold the Sauerkraut

{Image via Aceshowbiz.com}
Since the pictures are being posted everywhere today, I figure it's okay for me to write about it here, and thank goodness because I was so excited to see the final Marc in his Hot Dog Bun for the "Taj Ma Hot Dog" scene!

You can't see it in the photos very well but the edge of the bun is a braided gold ribbon and the inside is layered in a sequined netting. his whole look is just amazing, especially accompanied by Betty's schnazzy Hot Dog. For the past week or so I was able to help the show's costume assistants in their hunt for all the additional Indian pieces. I now know Little India in Jackson Heights like the back of my hand. *grin*

Now I just have to wait for the episode to air to see everything in it's full glory.
{Image via Aceshowbiz.com}


The Poncho

Behold, Betty's Guadalajara poncho! A copy of it was needed and I was enlisted to buy the fabrics and trim to match the original as closely as possible.  Who knows if it will ever be seen on screen but in person it ended up looking like the original.


Sex and the City - Wardrobe

I have seen the Sex and the City 2 wardrobe department, and it was like I died and went to clothing heaven. Racks and racks and racks of beautiful clothes, walls of shoes, walls of hats, walls of scarves, rows of handbags. Glorious.


The Draper

One of my costuming dreams is to one day be all:

"Excuse me Mr. Hamm, I need to rub some more fake sweat and dirt on your costume. Oh, there's no need to take them off. Just stand still and I'll take care of it."

Don't act like you wouldn't do the same.

2 days is too far away!!

{Image via the official Mad Men website}
I've been waiting and waiting for Mad Men Season 3 for what seems like an eternity. And the advertisements for the new season are off the charts. I walked onto the subway train the other day and it turns out it was a Mad Men car that I've been hearing about. I know I'm rambling but Im soooo excited! Is Joan going to bust out of her engagement after being, um, "man-handled"? What's Pete going to do now that he knows he has a kid?? How's poor Betty going to handle having Don back??? And the questions just go on...Right now I'm watching the second season on AMC to get myself all caught up.

Oh, and there's the glorious costumes. I've already watched this behind-the-scenes look at the wardrobe dept. multiple times. Their stock is far more extensive than Ugly Betty's that's for sure! And how cool is it that a lot of fans donate to the show? Janie Bryant how I love thee...

Here's another interesting video from Season 1 where Janie Bryant and the makeup design head, Debbie Zoller talk about how they worked up Peggy's weight gain.



{Image via fanpop.com}
Dear Netflix:
Is there a particular reason why you have removed Gone With The Wind from your collection? What, sweepingly dramatic epics aren't your cup of tea? Had to bump it for classier films like Bloodsucking Redneck Vampires?

Now look what you've done. You've incurred a well-deserved withering "Bish Pleaz" from Scarlett herself.

She and I are both very disappointed in you.


Summer Viewing

There's nothing better on a sweaty summer day than sitting in front of a fan (wish I could crank up the A/C, but money don't grow on trees, baby) and watching some movies. Well, I now have the perfect excuse because I just got my required reading and viewing list from UCLA. With 30+ films to watch before mid-September I better get crackin'. I've seen most of the movies listed, but it never hurts to refresh my memory and ogle some spiffy costumes.


So cute!

Now, I am no fan of Crocs. I don't care how comfortable my mom and sister say they are, I'm pretty sure that Crocs are the ugliest footwear on the planet. But I was looking through Betty Suarez's massive footwear collection at work and saw these glorious wedged heels. Unlike regular Crocs, I would totally wear these all the time. They're by United Nude and they come in 14 different colors. I am geeking out over these!

Mother: I'm sorry I didn't believe you when you swore that heeled Crocs existed. Where these the one's you were talking about?