Twelfth Night

I'm working on a new design project and Kipling, as you can tell, is being very helpful. The show I'm designing is nautical and whimsical Twelfth Night. It's a lighthearted play and I want to keep it very playful.

Here are a couple snippets from my show mood board. Now it's time for me to get back to sketching!


Disneyland Fashion Shoot

I've only been to Disneyland once. I'm ashamed to say I did not dress this well. Now realizing that I missed a fabulous hat and pearl wearing opportunity.

These are from a fashion spread in a 1961 Midwest Magazine.


Little Miss Big Shot

Insidious opened last night and you can bet your last dollar that I went with other crew members to see it. Made me giddy to see my name up there! And got to cheer along with as other people's names scrolled by. A big congratulations to Kristin Burke, the costume designer of the film. There was a lot of filters added in the post production editing that lost a lot of texture, detail and colors but her designs held strong through all the changes, Her costumes helped create the shapes of the characters who were primarily in silhouette that added an extra level of creepiness to what you only get a glimpse of. She definitely brought her A-game to the film and it was scary as hell!  

{Film Stills via IMDB.com }


Vertigo: Modern Day

These sketches have been sitting untouched in my "artwork" closet for weeks now. They were part of a final project that got a less than stellar review.if you know what can kill your confidence quicker than a big-time costume designer not liking your work I'd like to hear it.

Well I've had some time to lick my wounds. After not looking at these for 2 1/2 weeks I am just starting to like them again (well, the ones I'm posting here at least!).  There are a couple other Vertigo renderings will probably never again see the light of day. While I agree there could be more jackets, after another look I still stand by my choices! ;)

Here's my Vertigo research that I posted a while back.