Sandy Powell: Young Victoria

So jealous! Jessica Schroeder at What I Wore has an interview with the incredible Sandy Powell about her costume designs for Young Victoria. Talk about an absolutely gorgeous movie! Here are two of Powell's beautiful sketches. The interview and bigger versions of these sketches are on the What I Wore website. What wouldn't I give to get a chance to meet Powell -- did I mention that I was jealous?

Images via What I Wore

Oh, and to see the rest of her beautiful renderings, and her talking a bit more about individual pieces, check out the Young Victoria website.

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  1. Hey Hannah. I totally agree, i can only dream of ever meeting Sandy Powell. She is such an inspiration! I am a costume designer based in London. I stumbled across your page whilst researching Powell. I was just about to write a blog entry about her. You may be interested to check out http://amyellecartwright.blogspot.com/. I am fairly new to blogging but hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as i did yours. Amy