Dream Summer Wear

I spent an embarrassingly large portion of my day (after catching up on last night's True Blood with my neighbors) lounging about the house on Style.com checking out all the Resort 2011 shows that I missed. Dudes, after checking out Alice + Olivia's, I want to dress like this for the rest of the summer. The line is full of urbanized retro glamour, bold colors, head scarves and turbans, funky sunglasses and bold lip color. It's basically a line of everything that I love. I have yet to wear a turban Sunset Boulevard style in my lifetime but now I'm seriously considering hunting one down. I mean, I am living in L.A. after all!



  1. Two things:
    1 - please, please, please, if you wear a turban send me a pic!
    2- check out the Banana Republic fall stuff.... inspired by Mad Men :)

  2. There's nothing wrong with spending a lot of time on style.com! Well... I do it too, if that makes you feel better ;p


  3. What a timely post. I wore a turban this weekend to the beach fashioned from a scarf. What I Wore Jessica had an online demonstration on her blog.