The Black Swan

Oh man, I'm ridiculously excited to see this film! Ballet dancers going crazy while wearing gorgeous costumes? I know where I'll be December 1st.

I've only seen the trailer but there's a play on dark/light, black/white happening with the design that I'm digging. I'm also quite a sucker for feathers. Oh and check those crazy eyes on Natalie Portman!

 The costume designer for the film is Amy Wescott, who also designed The Wrestler. But the ballet costumes apparently are by Rodarte, which really is a perfect match. Their Spring 2010 was truly incredible and they're design aesthetic sounds perfect for this film.

{Images via Fashionologie.com }

Of course, whenever I think of swans,  I always think of Alexander McQueen......... and naturally Bjรถrk. ;)

 {Images via Style.com }

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  1. Oh dude, I'm totally going to be seeing this film the day of!!! I've been hearing about it for a while and watching the trailers/looking at the photos, etc. It's gonna be awesome!!