Shades of Red and Grey

I'm jumping (or should I say falling?) into my next project: a modern take on Vertigo.   It's a bit scary to tackle such an iconic film but I'm getting in the mood by re-watching it and taking visual notes. I think you can see from the screen grabs that I'm drawn to the thread of bold reds against shades of grey. I just love how clean and concise every look is.

Before Hitchcock became a director he was an art director. It definitely shows because every single piece in a shot (from setting, background, to each costume piece) is intentional and aids the story being told. He only ever shows what is absolutely important and never uses filler. Most directors do a version of this but Hitchcock pushes it to 11 and takes it to the extreme. Plus he's one of the first directors to show respect to his costume designer (the one and only Edith Head) by giving her "Costume Designer" or "Costumes" screen credit. God, I love Hitchcock so much it's ridiculous!  I could go on, but I'd rather show screen grabs instead.

{All Images via ScreenMusings.org }

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