Boardwalk Empire: My designs

GanGsters, loose women, and the temperance movement, Oh My!

The major issue for designing this show is that it is nearly all men. The focus of this project is to show a distinction between each mob boss and where they're from (New Jersey, Chicago & New York). New Jersey mobsters are the peacocks with jewel tones and loud patterns - the Vegas of the 1910s. Chicago is more schleppy and came from a blue collar background in dirty blacks and browns with a slightly baggier fit. They wear some patterns but for them it's all about textures like tweeds and herringbones. The New York mobsters are sleek and sharp in navy blues and blacks. If they have any pattern it would only be pinstripes.

I know most people love to design beautiful dresses, but I'm a menswear junkie. For some reason the ideas flow easier with men and the character comes bursting out. I think it's because their are clear rules and the devil is truly in the details. I enjoy designing women, but I love the men. Does it show?

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