Finals for "From Dust Thou Art"

I didn't sleep for two nights following this project but it was completely worth it. The biggest challenge for this play was that these characters had to be overly distressed, with pieces and patches from whatever they could spare to fill in where their original garments were falling apart. I am used to very clean shows and it was fantastic to work on a show that required a severe falling apart appearance.

Yesterday when us first years presented our designs we were so fortunate to have the playwright Peter Grego come in to see what we had. Not only did he talk to us about the play and the real people it was based on and the original performances but he also gave us great feedback on our designs. He is currently turning this script into a screenplay for HBO.

Here are some close ups of some of the characters.


  1. Hannah, these look amazing! I am sooo impressed :)

  2. Were these digitally done or sketched by hand? They have very expressive faces!

  3. @LBW They're a mixture of hand & digital drawings. I drew them by hand then scanned them in and "colored" them on Photoshop. The faces are from actual 1930s migrant workers that I transposed!