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This quarter I'm taking a History of Dress in the 20th Century and one of my projects is to compile a digital library of 40 images from each decade in the 1900s. I already have a pretty large stash of fashion images from magazines and ads so I wanted to challenge myself a bit and force myself to only collect photos of real people from Flickr. They are the hardest to compile and more accurate for costume research than from fashion shoots of the period (yeah, I'm a dork).

Well, I've been having far too much fun and found some pretty fantastic people. The clothes lovely (naturally), but the people are just so expressive!

Personally, I want to be the girl in the photo above. I'm seriously considering wearing my hair like that tomorrow, kerchief and all.

Here are some more photos I ♡.

{1900s & 1910s}
Why do I have the sudden urge to watch Anne of Green Gables?.....

 .....And buy sassy rounded white glasses?.....

{1900s & 1920s}

 .....While dancing on rooftops?.......

.....All while having been the best dressed kid on the block.....

{1930s & 1940s}

I just found two groups of friends I would like to join.....

.....Or I could hang out with this woman.
(Bonus Point: Note the cross in the top right corner)

All photos are from Flickr. Unfortunately I don't remember the photostreams for these images. If you know where they're from please let me know!

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