Hold the Sauerkraut

{Image via Aceshowbiz.com}
Since the pictures are being posted everywhere today, I figure it's okay for me to write about it here, and thank goodness because I was so excited to see the final Marc in his Hot Dog Bun for the "Taj Ma Hot Dog" scene!

You can't see it in the photos very well but the edge of the bun is a braided gold ribbon and the inside is layered in a sequined netting. his whole look is just amazing, especially accompanied by Betty's schnazzy Hot Dog. For the past week or so I was able to help the show's costume assistants in their hunt for all the additional Indian pieces. I now know Little India in Jackson Heights like the back of my hand. *grin*

Now I just have to wait for the episode to air to see everything in it's full glory.
{Image via Aceshowbiz.com}

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