2 days is too far away!!

{Image via the official Mad Men website}
I've been waiting and waiting for Mad Men Season 3 for what seems like an eternity. And the advertisements for the new season are off the charts. I walked onto the subway train the other day and it turns out it was a Mad Men car that I've been hearing about. I know I'm rambling but Im soooo excited! Is Joan going to bust out of her engagement after being, um, "man-handled"? What's Pete going to do now that he knows he has a kid?? How's poor Betty going to handle having Don back??? And the questions just go on...Right now I'm watching the second season on AMC to get myself all caught up.

Oh, and there's the glorious costumes. I've already watched this behind-the-scenes look at the wardrobe dept. multiple times. Their stock is far more extensive than Ugly Betty's that's for sure! And how cool is it that a lot of fans donate to the show? Janie Bryant how I love thee...

Here's another interesting video from Season 1 where Janie Bryant and the makeup design head, Debbie Zoller talk about how they worked up Peggy's weight gain.

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