Fun Fact #1- I just took History of Musical Theater class this quarter taught by a professor that is the spitting image of Fred Astaire.

Fun Fact #2 - I am currently interning for the costume designer of a brand new amazing TV series called Magic City (which is going to be amazing!) and Monday I was scanning images from every 1959 Vogue.

Fun Fact #3 - Fred Astaire appeared on Broadway and was considered to be the less talented brother to his sister Adelle.

Fun Fact #4 - I may be the only person considering these facts "fun"
Came across this and it made my day. I grew up watching Fred Astaire films (Particularly Royal Wedding where he dances on the ceiling, Funny Face, Top Hat and Easter Parade) and had to share this Vogue spread because it's just priceless. Stephanie: you might be the only one who appreciates this!

(Images via Vogue February 1, 1959}