Black & White - Construction Project

I'm building this 1901 gown from for a class am I'm really excited about the final product. Although it's not from the same period as "My Fair Lady," I absolutely love the scene at the races where everyone is dressed in black, white and grey. I'm using that scene as inspiration. I think the whole gown will be a white satin with a black stripe with a black net bolero that has pin tucks on the sleeves. The trim on the bolero and the skirt will also be black and white.

Next step is to scan in the sketch and play with some colors and patterns before I go and buy fabrics. There's nothing worse than spending a lot of time, effort and money on something that ends up just looking tacky.

I have a blind spot when it comes to stripes because I love them so much. I went through a phase where I wore stripes nearly every day causing a friend of a friend to start calling me a pirate. My best friend Lori really enjoys reminding me of that incident (thanks Lori, always a pal!)

Of course, when I wear the gown I will have to lean dramatically like the lady in the front. I think it really completes the look, no? *grin*


Here's a close up of the front and back of the bodice and bolero. Not sure how much I like the flower placement...
Here's where I am so far. Yeah.... I've got a loooong way to go.

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