It's the Opera, Daaahling

Lord have mercy, today was pretty amazing. I got to go on a mini-tour of the LA Opera's hair and make-up department and see took a close up look at all the wigs and a couple of the costumes. I took a bunch of pictures but unfortunately they're copyrighted so no posting them here. =*( The show is designed by Achim Freyer (costumes/hair/make-up/set/lighting) and it looks phenomenal. It's very impressionistic and is is absolutely crazy, weird and beautiful - in a way only ze Germanz can be (Freyer being Deutsch and all...of course Wagner was one too).

Because I can't show any images of the wigs, here are some of the studio. Not extremely interesting but I enjoyed the wall of drawers full of hair pieces.

I only recently learned that a great deal of wigs are made of yak hair, which I'm still getting a kick out of. Meryl Streep's grey wig in The Devil Wears Prada was all yak.

Here's my favorite row of drawers, because you never know when you need a filler piece of pink fantasy yak hair??

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