Masks and Deep, Deep Thoughts

An assigned project was to make a mask that represents the character Turandot.

I'll admit it: I'm not a fan of these projects. I feel that you end up just making something that you like then you bs how it represents the character during the presentation by saying something like. I'm much more interested in working out the design itself rather than getting sidetracked on these mini-projects.
All that said, I actually enjoyed this one. By working on my "abstract" mask I was able to figure out certain stylistic elements that represent Turandot which I will (surprise!) actually use in my design.

Note the spikes stabbing through the soft fabrics representing the depth and layers of the character. Her prickly nature is what stands out the most but there's more to her than that. There is also the element of an ugly and dangerous growth being presented, depicting pride, bitterness and anger. Left untamed will slowly engulf her until that will be all that's left. (I know I'm just blowing your mind by this deep and thought provoking depiction of the Turandot within *grin*)  

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