Anne Shirley

Watched Anne of Avonlea for the millionth and first time the other night. This sketch isn't necessarily Anne, just something I was doing while watching the film. I've been doing a lot of that a lot lately to provide a theme for my daily drawings.

Ever since I can remember I've been watching Anne of Avonlea, along with Anne of Green Gables, and reading the books. Like every other lover of the story, I always wanted to be Anne Shirley. I blame her for the years of dying my hair red in high school and college. Not to mention I will forever verbally spell out the word "chrysanthemum" in a tone reeking of condescending undercurrents.

What you don't really notice about these made-for-TV movies is how timeless the hair and costumes are.  Mind you, these were made back in the 80s. But aside from a little excessive hair frizziness, you would have no idea. Growing up I never really noticed the costumes, by Martha Mann. They're so perfect and subtle that I just assumed that the characters just magically appeared wearing these clothes. Becoming a costume designer has given me a new found appreciation for these films - and a perfect excuse for a Green Gable marathon!


{Images via FanPop.com }


  1. that last dress is awesome. gotta love the 80s sleeves. its always interesting seeing period pieces and how they are translated through the decades.
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  2. your drawing is beautiful! i think you captured anne very well. i also like the images you choose that show the costumes. well done. :)