Pete & Trudy

A few days ago I did some drawing for the first time this summer and was horrified at how rusty I was. So I've decided to draw something every day for the rest of the summer. Since I'm a wee bit obsessed with Mad Men I thought I'd do a sketch of one of my favorite scenes: Pete and Trudy doing the Charleston.
{"The Campbells" by Hannah. Ink and Watercolor }
Pete and Trudy Campbell are the best couple on Mad Men and I love them so! Pete's a whiny little worm but an entertaining one. And Trudy is just awesome. She's polished, a little shrill but so supportive of Pete. Together they are perfect. And even if you hate them you have to admit they are an unstoppable dance team!

{Video via YouTube.com }

**Costume Note:
How festive do these two look at the company Christmas party? You just know Trudy was Bergdorf's and couldn't resist picking out Pete's sassy maroon double-breasted jacket and forcing him to wear it!
{Image via AMCtv.com Season 4 photo gallery }

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  1. loving that illustration! i don't watch a lot of tele but this show looks like something i'll enjoy! thanks for sharing dearie..xo.