♥ Scootin' ♥

{Gregory Peck, by Hannah, Ink & Watercolor }
Meet my scooter Gigi. I got her back in November and have become obsessed. You'd think I'd be scared to death to ride a scooter around LA, but the first day I drove it off the lot my first thought wasn't "Oh dear God, I'm going to die." Instead all I could think was, "Why in the world isn't everyone driving one because this is amazing!?!" I am so so so so glad I bought Gigi and if anyone has any scooter related questions I would be happy to answer them!
Since scooting requires an outfit, here's some sassy riding gear I'm dreaming of.
{Jacket: Good Sea-ing You Jacket via ModCloth.com, Gloves: Asos.com, Booties: Prime Pairing Booties via Anthropologie.com }
{Booties: Athenaeum Wedges via Anthropologie.com,  Gloves: Asos.com, Blazer: Swallow Print Boyfriend Blazer, TopShop.com }

♥ Glamour Shot ♥


  1. Where do you park it and how do you keep it from getting stolen??

  2. i love the little heart coming out of the exhaust pipe! mine does that too! haha.
    thehypermanikin on etsy

  3. The best part about scooters is you can park them anywhere!

    How it doesn't get stolen....well, I still have it...here's hoping it never does. :)