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{Hanging with Hurley}
This weekend there was a huuuge Lost auction featuring sets, costume props and basically every kind of memorabilia you could possibly imagine. Well dudes, sometimes geek dreams come true 'cause I was on wardrobe crew and got to dress mannequins and set up the costume display! Believe me, there were some intense discussions about what characters should go together and where Ben's costumes should be displayed.

On top of costumes, I jumped at the chance to help out with props and got to man-handle so much amazing stuff. Working this event got me all excited to watch the final season in a major one day marathon. I was in my first year of grad school when it was on TV, and let me tell ya, UCLA did not allot any time to watch Lost. Crazy right!?!

I got a swanky Dharma crew badge and everything!

Costumes for Sayid, Kate and Locke. All aged beautifully. Not sure if the sweat stains are manufactured or real.....I'm really hoping they were the manufactured kind.......

Costumes for Sawyer, Richard Alpert, Daniel Faraday and Frank

Costumes for Ben, Jack & Juliet. Jumpsuits for Jack and Sawyer. Jack's doctor's coat. Dr. Pierre Chang's lab gear.

On a side note, I ran into Michael Emerson who plays Ben Linus on the street a couple of years ago. Just seeing him scared the crap out of me! He is one scary dude.

 Note that they gave Charlie the "sassy" mannequin.

 Charlie had the best stuff!!

We also had to dress the corpse from season one, Roger, and lay him next to the Dharma van in the exact position as it appeared in the episode.

I plan on adding "Skeleton Dresser" to my resume...

Some Dharma supplies



  1. Fact: red headed Arlene from True Blood is married to Ben Linus in real life.

  2. Looks and sounds like the awesomest job EVER... :) Now I gotta watch the show! True Blood right? Will Netflix'it...