Post-Valentine Enjoyment

It's been a busy couple of weeks. The show I designed has opened and closed, I pulled together costumes for a student film and finally I've been stitching for costume designer Kate Bergh on the Reprise production of GiGi.

It's such a fun show full of Parisians, French love affairs, top hats, art nouveaou and big gowns. Sure the premise of the story is pretty creepy when you realize GiGi is a girl being groomed to be a friend's mistress, and it features the dirty old man anthem "Thank Heaven For Little Girls." But never mind all that and focus on the fluffy, pretty and fun aspects! Kate's designs for the show are gorgeous and I can't wait to see everything onstage and see what the show looks like as a whole.

Now that the show's opening, maybe I should focus on some, uh, school projects or something....
It should be noted that the movie version of GiGi is one of my guilty pleasures

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  1. Gigi! You know, I can't believe our parents let us watch that growing up!!