Sparkle Motion

The best thing about LA has got to be awards week! Lots of fabulous industry events going on and yesterday was a particularly wonderful one for costumes designers called the Swarovski Sparkles Designer Workshop. Luckily, I was able to work the event along with the other UCLA MFA students and escort costume designers around and talk with all of them at the reception! The panel included Mark Bridges, Ellen Mirojnick, Arianne Phillips, Danny Glicker and Academy Award Nominees Jenny Beavan, Antonella Cannarozzi and Sandy Powell. It was all I could do not to geek out on designers I admire so much! They were all so lovely and I couldn't ask for a more glittery Friday afternoon.

Of course we all just had to have our picture with Sandy Powell, who is nominated this year for The Tempest. Personally I'm rooting for True Grit, designed by Mary Zophres but Sandy's Tempest designs are incredible. I just love her Elizabethan fantasy costumes made out of leather and zippers. And Helen Mirren's cloak will take your breath away.

{ All images via filmofilia.com  }

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