Waiting for Mad Men, Part 1: The Best of Everything.

Starting to get stir-crazy while waiting for the next season of Mad Men. August is usually when the show premieres, but thanks to pesky budget negotiation problems, it now won't be on air until NEXT MARCH.

I've already re-watched all the past seasons and have now moved on to finding films to help fill the void until The Greatest Show On Earth is on again.

The Best of Everything (1959)
Stars: Joan Crawford, Hope Lange, Stephen Boyd & Suzy Parker
Costume Designer: Adele Palmer

This is as close to Mad Men as you can get. It follows the women who work in a publishing agency on Madison Avenue. It's the business world from Peggy's point of view and is full of pre-feminist issues. My particular favorite is when the girls who are roommates sit around and talk about how they all worry about being unmarried past the age of 24. The horror!

The costumes are as lovely as Janie Bryant's designs in Mad Men. It's not a fashion parade but there is a sharp understated elegance to the whole look of the film. It's how I imagine women in the office would actually dress; full of well-tailored skirt suits in muted tones and never without gloves and a hat when you're outdoors.

If you need a Mad Men fix, this film should hold you over for a little while.


  1. Love the drama of this film. It's the icing on the cake of the look of the film. Or the other way around.

  2. This was originally a book... which I have read... and imagined one of the characters as a Jon Hamm look a like. Guess which one?