Waiting for Mad Men Part 2: Lover Come Back.

Imagine Mad Med as a Rom Com. That's basically what you get with Lover Come Back.

Rock Hudson plays a pseudo-Don Draper ad man who gets accounts by taking clients boozing and to girlie shows. Doris Day is a perkier, better dressed Peggy Olson who is also in advertising but believes that hard work and letting the ideas speak for themselves. Of course in true romantic comedy form, hijinks ensue and they fall in love.

Doris Day's costumes are stunning. Lots of beautiful wiggle-skirted dresses with 3/4 length sleeved jackets in contrasting color and a mightily impressive hat collection. I mean, she may be an ad exec but she's also a wholesome, warm-hearted girl next door! And Rock Hudson in his slim grey suits is never hard on the eyes.

Added bonus: There's also a buxom red-head that could be a Joan, a bumbling boss that's a Woody Allen-esque Roger Sterling and an obnoxiously Southern client that is easily the owner of Lucky Strike.

Basically, Lover Come Back is Mad Men with this as the opening credits:

Lover Come Back (1961)
Starring: Rock Hudson, Doris Day and Tony Randall
Costume Designer: Irene

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