W.E. - A new Windsor film.

{Images via Vanity Fair }
There is a gorgeous fashion editorial in the new Vanity Fair featuring the costumes from the film W.E. about the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. The costumes designer is Arianne Phillips, whose past work includes the fabulous films A Single Man, Walk the Line and Hedwig and the Angry Itch. When I saw these images I literelly gasped.

W.E. is about a modern day woman who is obsessed with the love story of Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson. The film switches between the 1930s and present day. Interestingly enough, this film is Madonna's directorial debut.

Say what you want about whose directing it, these costumes are so spot on and instantly capture the characters just in these photographs that I feel pretty confident the film will have just as much depth. It comes out in December and I already am looking forward to seeing it!

{Film still via Fashionista }