So I'm just finding out about this movie but it just shot to the top of my must-see list. And it's by Jean-Pierre Jeunet?!?!!? Sold! It's written and directed by the man for Amelie so how could it not be wonderful?? Plus the posters and stills are sooo pretty.
Sadly, it's so close to finals that I'm going to have to wait a couple of weeks before I can see it. =*( I guess I'll just have to watch Amelie for the millionth time while I work on projects...

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  1. Hannah,
    Have seen City of Lost Children by this director? Excellent, weird, and striking look, reminiscent of the photos you've posted.

    We are going to be in San Diego for a week with Aaron and Dina and their new baby August 9-15, then Brenda and I are going to be in San Francisco the following week. Can you join us, or can we perhaps link up with you in LA sometime that first week?

    You're doing exciting work and I enjoy dropping by the blog every 3 months or so.
    Richard your uncle