my first zombie

Aw yeah, it's zombie time! Behold my first draft of zombie makeup I'll be doing at the end of the quarter.

I'm still working out the specific disgusting details but this is my initial look for a frozen zombie. I want to have patches of frostbite and possibly frozen snow or frost encrusting. Naturally, being dead and all, there also needs to be some flesh decay but I'm not sure how much. I've been watching some really gross youtube videos on zombie makeup. There is some crazy, crazy stuff out there.  Even though a lot of it is really nasty, it's still really amazing to see everyone's tricks. I watched waaaay too many of them last night.

As much as I loved watching those gory how-tos, I don't think I want to go that. Just because I'll be the living dead doesn't mean I still can't look good. After all, true beauty never fades.

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