Turandot - All Finished!

I finished my Turandot renderings this weekend! I had a bit too much fun designing this show and I'm actually a bit sad to be moving on from it.

The play is set in China, however it's more of a western idealization and a fairy tale. I chose to focus on the mythical elements vs. period specific. While I did do research on Chinese dress, clearly I did not set this production in any specific period and borrowed from multiple dynasties and regions adding a more eerie look.

The design concept is that the "evil" princess Turandot is polluting the country and the everyone around her by her defiance and chopping off princes' heads and publicly displaying them on stakes to mock their defeat. The costumes would be made out of textured metallic silks, synthetics and leathers in dirty yellows, blacks, silvers and blood reds. I really wanted to give off a sickly-ness that is slightly disturbing but draws you in. Hopefully I achieved my goal. ;)