AT&T: They Grow Up Fast

There sure has been a rush of new projects. A double Sally Beauty commercial day on Sunday and then yesterday it was AT&T. The premise of this one is a boy and his dad are at the zoo and see a bug. The dad pulls out his phone to find more info about the bug and because his service takes to long, his son grows up.

It's tough when you have absolutely no budget and have to pull together costumes from the actors' wardrobes. This happens when actors aren't cast until a few days beforehand. It gets even worse when there is a sight gag that relies on different actors in matching costumes. For this shoot the boy grows up before our eyes. To indicate that we put the both actors in the same costume. The only thing to get through it is insist on a budget (which goes over so well with producers) or make those actors bring in as many clothes as they possibly can and pretend you're on Project Runway.

Father and son(s):

The background cast:

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