Sally Beauty Supply

I've been having a fantastic week. Right now I'm designing costumes for a couple of spec commercials with director Yuyo Villamar. How spec commercials work (or at least how I think it does) is an advertising agency orders these commercials using production companies, then after seeing the final cut they decide if they want to use them.

Sunday we shot 2 versions of a commercial for Sally Beauty Supply: one in English and one habla EspaƱol. The lead actress was bilingual but there were two actors that played the male lead. The premise is a woman invites her date, ahem, "up for a nightcap," ahem, while her team of Sally stylists observe at the edge of the bed, making sure she looks flawless. Whether or not these ads get picked up, they were a lot of fun to work on. 11 actors + 7 crew members in one very small bedroom for 8 hours = good times for all!

Our Leading Lady and her Stylists:

The English and Spanish versions of our Leading Man:

Stylists proud of their handiwork:

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