Oh my, I do declare!

Nathaniel Prentice Banks: Mass. Governor and Union General
Being a costume designer, I do a lot of research and am always looking at old photographs, portraits, illustrations, etc. Well, thanks to My Daguerreotype Boyfriend my job sure got a lot easier on the eyes.

Behold -  historical man candy. All in the name of costume research, of course...

Robert Cornelius, Photography Pioneer and regular visitor in my dreams, circa 1839
Alfred and Francis Douglas, circa turn of the  century
Frederick Douglass: Writer, Social Reformer circa 1847
Gustave Doré: French Artist, circa 1855-1859
Lewis Thornton Powell: Lincoln Assassination Conspirator, circa 1865

Cowboy, circa 1890 and smokin'

{All images via My Daguerreotype Boyfriend }


  1. Absolutely love this post. Some very handsome men indeed! Where did you go to find all the photos?

  2. You've gotta check out the blog My Daguerreotype Boyfriend! So much turn of the century hotness happening over there. ;)


  3. Dang, Robert Cornelius was a fox!

  4. Hannah, did you notice that one of the featured hotties, Robert Todd Lincoln, will be played by Joseph Gordon Levitt in the new Spielberg movie? Nice one, Steve.