It's business time.

People judge. I know I sure do. Which is why I get a little nervous about creating business cards. It's what you give people to remember you by and being a designer there's even more added pressure. Be unique! Be well designed! Express your design aesthetic! Am I reading too much into things? Maybe. But then again, people judge.

Above is the design I've been working on but I wanted to see what else is out there before committing. Oh man, it's pretty much impossible to find a "costume" or "fashion" themed card that doesn't have a dress form, scissors or a generic dress sketch on it. But then my friend Caitlin told me about Moo.com.

People, I'm in love! So many clever and wonderfully designed options to choose from. I'm seriously digging the multiple pictured backs and curved edge options. If you're a freelancer, you need to check out Moo.com.

Here are my favorite costume designer appropriate cards. I think they'd also be pretty fabulous for a number of other job fields too. Personally I'm torn between "Hats Off To You" and "Idea Explosion." Your thoughts and suggestions are welcome!

{Hats Off to You }
{Idea Explosion }
{Do It Like Dior }
{Zip It }
{Fabric First }
{Typographic Mustaches }


  1. I like "fabric first". ~M

  2. Know what? I like the card you show at the top of the page..... ~M

  3. I like the idea explosion, but I agree with Mother... the top one is my fav! I'm going to have to check out this site... need some business cards....

  4. i like your design! it's very you.


  5. I like idea explosion the best, but does it convey costume design? Hm...